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Happy Houses Happy Houses

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I like the ideas put into this. Good backgrounds (the sun is an especially nice detail). The emerging wave of green hills gently dispersing the houses more's just really nicely done and paints a pretty picture of a how pretty city should be like.

My only piece of criticism is that to me it looks like the dancing houses are more like shuffled around. I would've liked to see them bounce up and down a bit more as if moving to the beat of the music, but as an over all concept it's solid.

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AllenHenderson responds:

Thank you Radonroten, I must admit, I designed the animation first and put music on after, I am guilty of this, yes. But I got tired of pacing animation to music. The sun was fun(animation inside the animation), just used Photoshop and created each layer with low visibility and saved as .png in a numbered sequence. It was a lot of work to create all these layers though.

Interplanetary - Karr & Pyro Interplanetary - Karr & Pyro

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Space adventure time! Great action intro scene, very nice visuals, sounds, voices, animations and humor.

My one humble suggestion would be to lower the volume on the end credit music just a tiny bit... <:)

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Donald Trump Vs. The Republican Debates Donald Trump Vs. The Republican Debates

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

This is a general review for this series of animation. Yeah, I can be pretty lazy too. ;)

I am not a US citizen but I've seen enough of this guy not to want him for president in any country. So thanks for making fun of him, even if it is to promote some other politician. That said, my lack of interest about this particular nut-job in general and politics in total did affect my rating.

As for the animations, they are simple yet the voice sync is good and the voice acting is alright, whether it sounds like the guy in question or not. Annoying in the long run but it suits him.

Those arms though...I mean, I used cut-out arms in a my movie too, but I tried to cover it up behind a news text border. So, from one lazy animator to another, for future movies I suggest covering up part of his lower body and enough of those cut-out arms to make them a bit more...pleasing to the eye. It's a cheap trick and I'm going to use it again myself whenever I can. :)

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks. I admit I'm not much of an animator but I will put more effort in on videos that I think will be more viewed. These are just a series of monologues that I wrote and wanted to get out quickly before we here in the U.S. woke up and got rid of Trump as a presidential candidate. I actually have 2 more Trump videos written and voiced that I'm going to finish working on and then I'm on to something else. :-)

Gun Control Skit Gun Control Skit

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nicely done satire!

Really good voices and voice sync. The animated body and facial movement of the news-man and debating characters are very smooth and evenly distributed to keep it visually interesting for my brain. The commercial intro and the political debate was tied together really well too I must add.
Also, "Fuks News"...they sure make themselves an easy target, don't they? X)

Here's a few bits of constructive criticism. My personal opinions of course. Feel free to use that spray on me at any time. :)

- The ECCB Weed Text Logo: I found it difficult to tell the E and C's apart, making it hard to read. Suggest making these letters bigger or perhaps just making the E more clear.

- Text Narration Sync: The text blurbs corresponding with the narration felt a bit off but not the first one "Conformist Zombie Problems?", which was really spot on.

Now, that there "shut the f*** up" they come in intercontinental missile sized canisters...? ;)

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ECCBProductions responds:

Thank you for the suggestions! I will keep them in mind while producing the first episode of What A Shit-Show. Which is in full production now :)

As for the spray. You will have to check out that Illuminati-mart the Zombies where gathered around. They might supply it in bulk lol.

Dick and Ken Dick and Ken

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like the fluent idle animations on the characters. It gave them just enough movement to stay interesting to watch. It also added to the feeling that it takes place under water, aside it being, you know, obvious.

Voice acting is very good and easily delivers and enhances a pretty standard slice-of-life dialog, but one with well placed ocean-based humorous references. And it had a fun punch-line.

The style and setting prevented me from thinking "Sponge-bob!" while watching it, allowing the movie to stand well on its own. Also, good use of background music. It fit in surprisingly well and I especially liked how it was cut off to help emphasize the punchline. I got to remember that trick.

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